Wellington Riding is associated with a number of clubs that offer all ages a great way to learn in a safe & professional environment whilst still having fun and making new friends.

Pony Club

What is pony club?

Wellington Riding is a Pony Club centre which enables children without their own ponies to join the Pony Club and enjoy rallies and competitions on our horses and ponies.

Being a member means you can improve your knowledge by working towards certificates awarded by the Pony Club, of which there are eight graded standards starting with the ‘D’ Test and culminating with the highly regarded ‘A’ Test, taken when a Member is around 19 or 20 years old. A Road Safety Test is part of the C Test Certificate



“A great way for children to learn in a safe environment whilst still having fun and making new friends.”

Riding Club

What is riding club?

Run by members for members.

Wellington Riding Club is affiliated to the British Riding Clubs and welcomes everyone as a member. The club was established in 2015 by a dedicated group of riders, keen to offer quality training, good fun and the chance for everyone to
be part of a team, regardless of their age, experience or ability.



“Ride, laugh, train, compete and socialise. We’re all about fun and competitive sports.Ride, laugh, train, compete and socialise. We’re all about fun and competitive sports.”

Saddle Club

What is saddle club?

Open to both horse owners and non – horse owners that ride regularly at Wellington Riding. Wellington Saddle Club gives our clients the opportunity to compete in Dressage, Show Jumping & Cross Country competitions. We cater for all abilities with a league system, which operates for all scoring competitions ensuring that all competitors are in a league competing against members of a similar ability. We also run some non – scoring events which include Combined Training, Pairs Dressage & Social Evenings.

Eligibility for Saddle Club

To enter a competition you must first become a full member of the Club which is currently £20 per year and you must also have regular lessons at Wellington Riding.

The Club also offers Associate membership, currently £5 per year, which enables you to purchase alcohol in the cafe and of course you are very welcome to attend any of the Clubs events



“For many years our club has allowed equine loving adults to enjoy their first taste of competing. We have lots of fun, there is lots of laughter and lifelong friendships are formed.”

Riding for the Disabled

What is riding for the disabled?

At Wellington Riding we host a group for the RDA. Groups are
organised through our local RDA co-ordinators. The session runs on Thursday morning at 10am.


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