Pony Club

Wellington Riding is a Pony Club centre which enables children without their own ponies to join the Pony Club and enjoy rallies and competitions on our horses and ponies.

Being a member means you can improve your knowledge by working towards certificates awarded by The Pony Club, of which there are eight graded standards starting with the ‘D’ Test and culminating with the highly regarded ‘A’ Test, taken when a Member is around 19 or 20 years old. A Road Safety Test is part of the C Test Certificate.

The pony club is a great way for children to learn in a safe & professional environment whilst still having fun and making new friends.

Wellington Riding Pony Club have an active Facebook page with details of upcoming events:

Wellington Riding Pony Club Facebook

The current 2020 calendar is attached in the link below:

Wellington Riding Pony Club Calendar 2020

For further information please contact Linda Rooke by email: info@wellington-riding.co.uk