Saddle Club

Wellington Saddle Club is based at Wellington Riding Limited and was originally set up to give clients of Wellington Riding the opportunity to compete in Dressage, Show Jumping & Cross Country competitions. The Club continues to fulfil this purpose with the majority of the competing members being weekly riders at Wellington Riding. We cater for all abilities with a league system, which operates for all scoring competitions ensuring that all competitors are in a league competing against members of a similar ability. We also have some members who compete on their own horse.

To be eligible to enter a competition you must first become a full member of the Club which is currently £20 per year and you must also have regular lessons at Wellington Riding.

The Club also offers Associate membership, currently £5 per year, which enables you to purchase alcohol in the cafe and of course you are very welcome to attend any of the Clubs events.

We also run some non-scoring events which include Combined Training, Pairs Dressage & Social Evenings.

The emphasis of the Club is in improving your knowledge & expertise in riding whilst having fun.

Our Saddle Club co-ordinator is Mandy Chaffin who has the enormous task of allocating horses to competitors with consultation with each members regular instructor to ensure both safety and rider development.

If at any time you are allocated a horse which you feel is beyond your current capabilities as a rider and thus you would feel unsafe then you must inform Mandy and she will be happy to find an alternative horse for you. Unfortunately, you will not be allocated your ‘favorite’ horse at all events, as this is impossible to manage with 24-30 riders to please.

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