Online Entries

Wellington is pleased to provide online entry facilities for riders, helping them to make entries at times that are convenient for you! No hassles with missing entry deadlines too much paperwork, envelopes, stamps and then relying on Royal Mail! We have joined with Equine Affairs – leaders in Eques- trian Online Entry Software – to provide this service for you. All payments go through Sage Pay (one of the UK’s Leading Secure Payment Service Pro- viders) and the money and entry goes direct to our account at Wellington Riding – guaranteeing your entry!

Online Entries – My Riding Life 

There is also an encrypted back up process with Sage Pay as well as with the Rider Website, so we make sure we have all the processes in place to make sure no entry is lost and all entries are tracked. No financial is stored.

If you have any questions or would like any support on your entry please contact us on or Equine Affairs on There is also an On Call Emergency Mobile Number with Equine Affairs who can check any entry on our behalf if you cannot get hold of us. This number is 07798 626075 – please be fair and only use this facility as a last resort!

My Riding Life is a free service that saves your profile details to make entries quicker. You don’ have to use this but a free account will be created for you on your first entry. In the future you can see your entries, times and results through your own Riding Life Account.

In the mean time – please have a go and make an entry for some of our planned events throughout the coming Season!